Colorado Sports Betting

Legal sports betting in Colorado is off to a strong start, with a robust online and retail market exploding across the state beginning in May of 2020.

You must be at least 21 years old to bet on sports in the Centennial State. There are extensive options for mobile wagering from anywhere within Colorado, along with in-person betting at numerous casinos in Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek, and beyond.

Start here to find the best sports betting apps and legal online sportsbooks available in Colorado. Along with expert reviews of all the top-rated CO betting sites, you’ll find detailed information on bonuses and key rules to help you make the most of Colorado sports betting.

Best Colorado Online Sportsbooks

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Colorado Sports Betting at a Glance

Following the US Supreme Court’s repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May 2018, each state is free to create its own regulations for legal sports betting.

Colorado sports betting launched just under two years later, after being approved by the state’s voters by a razor-thin margin in a November 2019 election.

The state has taken one of the most permissive approaches anywhere in the United States, with few barriers to entry for both the retail and online sports betting markets.

Growth has responded accordingly, with Colorado posting numbers in 2020 that suggest it is well-positioned to have an outsized influence on US sports betting despite Colorado’s relatively small population.

Despite the fact no major sporting event was happening at the time, Colorado sportsbooks brought in $25.5 million in their first month. By October 2020, this amount increased to over $200 million in a single month.

According to the leading industry research firm VIXIO, the market is expected to reach between $6 billion and $8 billion in annual revenue by 2024.

Looking at the operators who have declared their intent and obtained the necessary licenses to offer online wagering, Colorado will soon offer the largest variety of sports betting options anywhere in America.

Of course, all the biggest names are making their play to dominate the Rocky Mountains.

Our reviewers have spent countless hours with these sites, placing bets with our own money and comparing them with hundreds of online sportsbooks and betting apps from around the globe.

The Best Colorado Sports Betting Sites:

  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel
  • FOX Bet
  • PointsBet

These betting sites earn our recommendation for their excellent odds and bonuses, a wide range of betting options, and overall convenience and user experience.

Each of them also offer excellent mobile platforms via dedicated apps for Colorado sports bettors.

Latest CO Sports Betting News is following all of the latest updates as the legal sports betting market in Colorado continues to evolve. Check this page to stay up to date with latest Colorado sports betting news as more sportsbooks enter the state and we learn more about the future of sports wagering in Colorado.

November 30, 2020: The Colorado Department of Revenue released sports betting tax and revenue figures for October 2020, shattering expectations with continued explosive growth despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The department’s press release celebrated the massive windfall in tax revenue Colorado experienced in October,  as bettors in the state wagered $210,719,821 at the state’s retail and online sportsbooks. This significant handle earned $824,700 in direct tax revenue for the state, representing a staggering 91.5% increase over September’s total.

Colorado sports fans took home a hefty chunk of the pie, earning $193,317,412 in payouts from retail and online sportsbooks. This equates to a roughly eight percent hold (the percentage of revenue retained by sportsbooks keeps after paying out winners)  for CO sportsbooks during the month of October. Interestingly, the hold topped 15% at retail locations, suggesting that sharp bettors may be skewing to online operators at this time.

Online betting has been the clear preference of Coloradans, accounting for nearly 98% of the total handle collected in October. Unsurprisingly, the NFL accounted for the largest share of wagers among sports, with nearly 1/3 bets placed on professional football. Even as most sports have returned, table tennis remains an unorthodox favorite among bettors in the Centennial State, accounting for a greater share of total handle than soccer and golf combined.

November 17, 2020: Australian powerhouse PointsBet has officially launched their online platform in Colorado, meaning they now operate in five states nationwide. PointsBet seems well positioned to make a splash with bettors in Colorado, considering they’ve built their US headquarters in Denver and signed partnership deals with the University of Colorado, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche.

October 23, 2020: The fledgling Colorado sports betting market continued its growth trajectory in September, with the Department of Revenue reporting  a 61% increase in total handle when compared with August’s numbers. The impressive figures for September benefitted from both the return of professional football and playoff baseball, with over $13 million wagered in Colorado on pro football during just the first weekend of the NFL season. Baseball retained the largest single share of the total handle, accounting for $47.1 million of the $207, 655, 942 wagered in the state overall.

It seems September was kind to Colorado sports bettors, with sportsbooks holding just 2% of total amount wagered (or handle) during the month.

Check back here for the latest news and numbers surrounding the growing sports betting market in Colorado.

Best Colorado Betting Apps

Colorado had the benefit of observing several other states launch legal sports betting markets.

There are plenty of unanswered questions about the fledgling US sports betting market, but one truth is crystal clear – states that embrace and encourage mobile apps as betting options see significantly more sustained growth in the market.

Mobile betting is the ultimate convenience for sports bettors and the ultimate financial boon for state coffers as a continual stream of easy tax revenue.

Nothing about this is surprising considering most of us already connect with sports primarily through our smartphones. From checking scores to reading sports news or even watching the game, our phones are a portal to the world of sports entertainment.

In Colorado, numerous well-developed sports betting apps are also easily accessible from anywhere within the state. Many of the best sportsbook operators design their entire platform with a mobile-first mentality, which means the user experience is often superior to that found on your desktop.

This is the case with all the Colorado sportsbook apps featured on this page.

Note that some apps are state-specific, while others offer a universal platform that can be used in any state where the sportsbook is licensed to operate.

Here are the best CO sports betting apps available today:

Betting AppState-Specific Version?Get Started
FanDuelNoSign Up & Download
DraftKingsNoSign Up & Download
PointsBetNoSign Up & Download
BetMGMYesSign Up & Download
FOX BetYesSign Up & Download

Each of the apps listed here is available for both Android and Apple users. Follow the links in the table above to get started.

Best CO Sportsbook Bonuses

Colorado sports betting bonus offers can add a lot of extra value to your bankroll. As one of the nation’s most competitive markets, there are tons of Colorado sportsbook sign up and deposit offers to compare.

This is great news for bettors, as it encourages especially juicy bonus offers and promotions at CO betting sites. So, what should you look for when hunting for the best Colorado sports betting bonuses?

CO sportsbook bonuses often take the form of free bet credits or boosted odds that offer an increased payout on popular wagers.

Most of the sportsbooks featured on this page also offer daily boosted odds for Colorado sports bettors. Obviously, these offers change every day. Keep your eyes out to find a bit of extra value anytime you visit one of these betting apps.

Colorado Sign Up Bonuses

In addition to the rolling and short-term promos highlighted above, look for a generous deposit bonus at your Colorado sportsbook.

These offers can be worth $1,000 in some cases, so they are worth taking advantage of even if you primarily plan to bet in person at the casino. You’ll find CO sportsbook sign up bonuses in a couple of different common formats. Risk-free bets provide you the opportunity to place a large wager without risking you own bankroll. Other Colorado sports betting deposit bonuses will be structured as a deposit match. These welcome offers will match your deposit with extra funds, in some cases doubling your bankroll before you place a single wager.

Here are the best CO sportsbook sign up offers:

Betting SiteColorado Deposit BonusGet Started
FanDuel$1000 Risk Free BetBet Now
DraftKings$1000 Welcome OfferBet Now
PointsBetTwo Risk Free Bets up to $1000Bet Now
BetMGM$500 Risk Free BetBet Now
FOX Bet$500 Risk Free BetBet Now

Whether or not you choose to shore up your bankroll with one of these top sign up offers, you need to ensure the online sportsbook or betting app you’re wagering with is fully licensed in the state of Colorado.]

Colorado sports betting laws are among the most progressive in the nation. They are very few restrictions on who can bet, where they can bet, and what they can bet on.

Sports betting in Colorado is authorized under Proposition DD, a ballot initiative that was approved in a public election. The industry is regulated by the Colorado Division of Gaming, which grants three types of sportsbook licenses: master license, operator license, and internet gaming license.

Colorado Online Sports Betting

Much of the excitement and buzz around Colorado’s sports betting market has to do with the state’s full-hearted embrace of online betting.

Lawmakers in the state have learned from their experience as one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. On that issue, a permissive attitude has led to the most successful legal market in the country, so regulators took a similar approach to online betting.

Here are the things Colorado is doing right when it comes to online sports betting:

Remote Registration Allowed

Online bettors can register and fund their accounts remotely, meaning bettors in Colorado do not need to visit a casino or retailer of any kind to validate their sports betting accounts.

This is not the case in states like Iowa and even Nevada, where you must visit first confirm your identity in person before placing any wagers from an online betting account.

Geolocation Required

Legal Colorado sports betting apps must verify your location within state lines every time you place a wager.

Geo-comply software will ping your location frequently. Though you’ll be able to view the odds and your account info from anywhere, you can only bet online from within Colorado.

Most betting apps have integrated the geo-comply functionality with the location services on your mobile device. Computer users will generally need to download an unobtrusive software package directly from their sportsbook website.

What about bettors simply visiting Colorado?

You do not need to be a Colorado resident to use a betting app or online betting site in the state. Location requirements apply to your physical presence within state lines rather than your regular place of residence.

Online Sports Betting Licenses

Sports betting licenses in Colorado fall into three categories:

Master license – These licenses can be issued to existing Colorado casinos. All sportsbook operations in the state, whether online or in-person, are tied to a master license.

Operator license – Operator licenses are issued to land-based operators providing services to master license holders at their on-site premises. Master licensees do not require an operator license to open a sportsbook at their own casino – they apply only in cases with third-party operators.

Internet sports betting license – Anyone providing an individually branded online sportsbook must obtain an internet license.

This licensing scheme means that major national outfits such as DraftKings and FanDuel must partner with a Colorado casino to launch branded sportsbooks and online betting apps in the Centennial State.

Note that third-party licensees can (and have) contracted their services to multiple master license holders.

Here are the online sports betting sites available in Colorado by licensee:

License HolderOnline Betting Partner(s)
Century CasinoCirca Sports
Christmas CasinoSBK
Double Eagle CasinoPointsBet
Golden Gates CasinoFanDuel
Golden Mardi Gras CasinoDraftKings
Isle CasinoWilliam Hill
Johnny Nolon’
JP McGill’s CasinoBetRivers
Lady Luck CasinoFOX Bet
Lodge CasinoSuperbook
Midnight Rose CasinoBetMGM
Monarch Casino BlackhawkBetMonarch
Red Dolly CasinoElite Sportsbook
Saratoga CasinoBetfred
Sky Ute Casino ResortSky Ute Sportsbook
Ute Mountain Casino ResortUte Mountain Sportsbook
Wildwood CasinoBetWildwood

Licensing fees are among the lowest in the country. Master licenses cost $2,000, while operator and internet gaming licenses incur a $1,200 licensing fee. For context, states like Pennsylvania have charged as much as $10 million for sports betting licenses.

This is paired with a low tax rate to create an incredibly favorable environment for sportsbook operators. The sports betting tax rate in Colorado is 10%. Taxes are assessed on adjusted gaming revenue, or the amount of revenue remaining after winnings have been paid.

Lower operating costs encourage more competition in the market. In the end, this benefits consumers in the form of more competitively-priced odds and better promotions.

Colorado Retail Sportsbooks

It’s hard to beat the convenience of logging into a betting app in Colorado and placing a few wagers directly from your smartphone. Beyond the obvious convenience factor, the biggest bonuses at Colorado sportsbooks are generally reserved for those betting online.

That said, visiting a casino sportsbook has its own unique appeal. There’s no denying the energy and atmosphere of a room full of sports bettors anxiously awaiting the results of their action.

We recommend signing up for at least one online Colorado sportsbook for everyday action while planning a few weekend trips to Black Hawk or Cripple Creek to soak in the brick-and-mortar wagering experience.

When deciding between in-person betting locations, consider their integration with an online platform (see table above). Those brick-and-mortar locations paired with an active online operator will often allow you to use the same bankroll whether betting in-person or over the internet.

If you’re familiar with casino gambling in Colorado, you likely know that most gaming is contained to the mountain communities of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. The Ute tribe also operates two casinos with sportsbooks in the state’s southwestern corner, within easy reach of Durango and Farmington, New Mexico.

retail sports betting locations in colorado

Rules & Restrictions

Colorado has taken an open approach to sports betting rules and regulations, but there are a few restrictions new bettors should be aware of.

Who Can Bet on Sports in Colorado?

Most adults are allowed to bet on sports at Colorado casinos and online sports betting sites.

You Must Be At Least 21 Years Old to Bet in Colorado

You must be 21 years of age to gamble in Colorado. This age restriction applies to both casino floors and bets placed online. Whether entering a casino or registering for an online sports betting account, all legal operators will verify your age and identity.

Some operators require presentation or upload of a government-issued ID, while others rely on approved e-verify software to electronically confirm your age and identifying details.

You Must Be Physically Located in Colorado

As mentioned above, you must be physically present in the state to place an online wager with any sportsbook licensed in Colorado

In fact, any lack of frequent location checks from your sportsbook is a major red flag. Legal Colorado betting sites will ping your location whenever you login or try to place a bet.

Industry Insiders Are Restricted

To remove the conflict of interest, some individuals with direct involvement in professional or college sports are barred from betting on sports in Colorado.

This includes athletes, coaches, trainers, and other critical staff who have access to the type of “inside information” that might give them an unfair advantage at the sportsbook.

Which Events Can I Bet on in Colorado?

Colorado has taken an exceptionally laissez-faire approach to the events approved for wagering within the state. In fact, the small number of restrictions in place at the launch were largely lifted almost immediately.

Even obscure sports like floorball and Gaelic hurling are open for wagering at Colorado’s sportsbooks.

The Colorado Division of Gaming maintain a detailed register of the approved events for wagering. You can find the full list here, but we summarize the key restrictions below.

No Live Betting on College Sports

Unlike many states, Colorado sports betting regulations do allow wagering on college football and college basketball events, along with all other NCAA competition. This includes those events involving college athletes from Colorado universities. You’re free to wager on the Buffs, Rams, Falcons, or any other college team – as long as you do so before the game.

In-play wagering on college sports is one of the few restrictions.

eSports Betting Is Allowed in Colorado

Colorado is among a growing number of states recognizing that eSports are a legitimate market for sports bettors.

While eSports wagering was originally supposed to be a no-go, the COVID-19 pandemic convinced regulators to include a wide range of top-tier eSports events on the list of those approved for wagering.

No Betting on High School Sports

While betting on college football and eSports is a go, betting on high school sports is not allowed in Colorado.

Political Betting Remains Off Limits

As in all other states with legal sports betting, wagering on the Presidential Election and other political outcomes is prohibited in Colorado.

While betting on American politics is a popular choice at many international sportsbooks, the only way to do so legally from within the US is by using a political prediction market.

Which Types of Wagering Are Allowed on These Events?

Colorado allows all the most popular wagering types found at online sportsbooks and betting apps, including:

  • Straight bets (Moneyline, spread, O/U)
  • Parlays & Accumulators
  • Pleasers & Teasers
  • Player & Championship Futures
  • Live Betting
  • Prop Bets & Exotics

Chances are good that your preferred form of wagering is available at most CO sportsbooks.

Colorado Sports Betting FAQs

Is it legal to bet in Colorado?

Yes, you can legally place wagers on sports in Colorado as of 2020.

Can you wager in Colorado if you are not a Colorado resident?

Yes. You only need to be within the state lines to place bets in Colorado.

Is eSports betting legal in Colorado?

Yes. Unlike many states, you can legally bet on eSports in Colorado.

Can you make bets from your phone?

Yes. Many sportsbooks offer betting apps as an additional method to place bets.

Local Teams Worth Betting On

Once you’ve decided on a legal CO sportsbook from the list above, it’s time to start looking at some wagers. The following teams are local to Colorado:

  • Denver Broncos
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Colorado Avalanche

Betting with your head and not your heart is the basis of responsible gambling, but SBD understands that fans want to support their favorite teams.

Our betting tools and editorial coverage are here to help you bet more confidently and make an informed wager every time.

Colorado Sports Betting History

Sports betting was prohibited in most of the United States for much of recent history. It wasn’t until the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA in 2018 that each state became free to regulate the activity as they see fit.

Colorado is a very unique state politically, with a longstanding tradition of wild west libertarianism sometimes conflicting with, and sometimes complementing the progressive liberal politics that now dominate the Front Range.

Voters in Colorado have a lot of power to vote directly on potential new legislation. Because of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (commonly known as TABOR), any new tax – including those that are industry-specific – most be approved by the state’s electorate via direct ballot.

Because legalizing sports betting involves collecting taxes from sportsbook operators, the question had to be posed to the public before the state’s lawmakers could authorize betting in Colorado.

Proposition DD passed by an incredibly slim margin in the 2019 statewide election, giving regulators the go-ahead to create the framework for legal CO sports betting. Even though the vote was exceptionally close, most political insiders have attributed this too confusing ballot language that framed the proposition as a tax increase.

Despite the close race, Colorado’s lawmakers moved quickly to launch the market following voter approval.

Here are the key dates in Colorado sports betting history:

March 2018: The US Supreme Court overturns PASPA, immediately lifting the federal sports betting ban and opening the door for each state to regulate the industry as they see fit.

May 2019: The state legislature approves House Bill 1327, calling for a voter referendum on the issue of legal sports betting and related tax revenues.

Nov. 2019: Colorado voters approve Prop. DD by the slimmest of margins. 50.8% of the state’s voters support the measure, which provides an extensive sports betting market with tax revenue earmarked for protection of the state’s critical waterways.

May 1, 2020: Several online sportsbooks launch in Colorado on the first day authorized for wagering, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which largely shut down the state’s economy and shuttered all casinos.

Find the Best Sportsbooks for Colorado

Colorado is certainly one of the best places in the country to bet on sports. With so many sportsbooks to choose from, it pays to spend a bit of time shopping around to find the one that’s right for you.’s list of the best online sportsbooks is a great place to start. Explore our in-depth reviews of legal betting apps and sports betting sites to find further detail on the best CO sports betting bonuses and more.

If you’re looking for sports betting information about other states, our sports betting legal tracker is the best place to find out where sports betting is legal. From there, you can explore our recommendations on a state-by-state basis.

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