Risk notice

Risk products such as CFD trading, binary options, forex trading and securities trading represent opportunities, but they also involve high risks in some cases.

When it comes to gambling products such as poker, casino or sports betting, it goes without saying that fun should be the main focus, but a loss of one’s own capital is always possible. It is therefore all the more important to know your limits and only play with money that you can easily spare for the fun factor. In no case should money be used that is intended for daily needs or does not even belong to oneself (credits, loans, etc.).

betting-places.com serves only as a guide to determine whether offers are reputable. Therefore, by using the website, you also agree that Betrug.de assumes no liability whatsoever. All information and data have been researched with the utmost care. All recommendations have been made 100% independently and to the best of our knowledge. No posts here are financial advice, nor do they serve as advice to buy.

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