What is responsible gambling

We at know: reputable providers of gambling and co do everything to offer their customers an exciting gaming experience. Of course, gambling and also dealing with stocks and funds can be problematic for certain people. For this reason, reputable providers provide a wide variety of tools with which you can test yourself. These are measures for responsible gambling.

What you should pay attention to yourself

Those who want to be able to show corresponding licenses from large companies such as the MGA or from Schleswig-Holstein must cooperate with various addiction prevention companies. It is also important that direct contact opportunities are offered. We make sure that only the best providers are listed here.

Schedule time out

Should you ever have a streak of bad luck, it is worthwhile to gain some distance. We therefore advise that one uses the functions, which the betting providers and online casinos also always grant. Namely, the temporary exclusion from gambling. Such blocks can be easily applied for via the customer support.

Whether 24 hours, 1 week or even several months – the choice of how long the exclusion should last is entirely up to you. The account will be blocked for the corresponding period. You can neither access the money nor play games. As soon as the time of the block has expired, you can play as usual.

When nothing else works, closing an account makes sense

If a block is unsuccessful, then you should consider closing the account. Here, too, customer support is available to provide advice and assistance. Of course, this is the very last course of action that should be taken. However, if it comes to that, you have to admit that it might be necessary.

Our tip – enjoy everything in moderation

The step to self-exclusion for a period of time is already something that should make you sit up and take notice. We therefore advise you to develop a gaming system at an early stage and to keep records for larger stakes. In this way, you can keep track not only of your winnings, but also of your losses. This allows you to quickly see whether you are playing too much or placing too high stakes.

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