Today’s Cricket Betting Tips

One of the most popular sports in the UK and worldwide, the popularity of cricket is shared by our members. Throughout the year, our tipsters provide their predictions and pre-match analysis on cricket events taking place across the globe.

These free cricket betting tips cover both domestic and international competitions. From the County Championship to Test Series, you’ll find expert cricket betting tips all year round.

Our cricket betting tips don’t just cover the standard Match Result market. You’ll also find Top Run Scorer, Top Wicket Taker, Series Score and much more.

You can find today’s cricket betting tips easily. At the top of this page, you’ll find the top three most tipped cricket events for the day. To discover the rest of our cricket betting tips, simply hit the View All Tips button. Alternatively, click on the game you’re interested in to see all cricket betting tips offered.

Today’s cricket betting tips can also be found under the View Full Schedule menu. Here, you’ll find all cricket games taking place today and the tips and predictions available on those fixtures.

All of our cricket betting tips contain a complete overview of each particular game, featuring the following:

  • Match date and time
  • Teams involved
  • Tournament/Competition
  • The name and rating of our cricket tipster
  • Bookmaker
  • The current odds available
  • The odds available at the time the cricket betting tip was posted
  • Bet type
  • Market
  • Prediction
  • Analysis and explanation of the tip provided

If you find a tipster who is regularly successful, you can follow that particular member. We will provide you with up-to-date notifications every time that tipster posts a new prediction.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

Every aspect of our site is free for you to use. In addition to our free cricket betting tips, all of our tips on other sports, bookmaker reviews and betting Academy guides are available for you anytime you want them at no cost at all.

We are thankful for our fantastic community of tipsters who provide millions of free previews and predictions each year. We welcome you to join our community of experts and post your own free cricket betting tips too. Becoming a member brings its own benefits. If you just want to peruse our site, that’s perfectly fine too. Whether you’re a member here or an occasional visitor, our expert cricket betting tips remain free to use.

If you’ve been looking for cricket betting tips online, you’ve probably come across sites that charge a fee for their predictions. Should you pay? No, you shouldn’t. Some of these sites will shout from the rooftops about the bets they’ve won, and how they’re worth the fees they charge. You’ll never hear about the bets they lose.

Of course, any site that can prove their wins and losses over a sustained period of time could be worth considering. Do they provide full information of the bets placed, odds taken, bookmaker, wins, losses as we do? With us, you can view the full track record of every member who place cricket betting tips so you can decide for yourself which are worth following.

Check out our tipsters, study their records and follow those tipsters who’ve enjoyed proven success. All this for no fee whatsoever.SIGN UP AND BECOME A CRICKET TIPSTER

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Expert Cricket Betting Tips

There are a range of aspects that make up our expert cricket betting tips. Our tipsters concentrate on many different criteria when posting their cricket predictions. One of the most important to any bet is to assess the value of the odds on offer.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. As such, most bookmakers offer an array of cricket odds and markets covering all major and minor events. Finding value can be tough.

Our expert cricket betting tips posted by our members take value into consideration. You can see which of our tipsters have proven successful by their User Profile.

When you look through our expert cricket betting tips, you’ll see that they cover a range of markets. In addition to the popular Match Result market, you’ll find tips for Top Run Scorer, Top Wicket Taker and more. Remember, all of our tips are completely free for you to take inspiration from.

Our betting community grows considerably year after year. We believe this is because we’re always looking to improve our site by offering expert cricket betting tips throughout the year, along with predictions for other sports. We also aim to provide you with extensive betting guides that can help you become a consistently successful bettor.

All of our reviews, guides and tips are written as objectively as possible. We’re here to give you advice as and when you need it, and provide you with unbiased reviews to give you a complete overview of all things betting.

Bet On Cricket

Cricket can be an interesting and exciting sport to bet on. There are also very few sports that can be impacted by the weather as much as cricket can. We’ll come to this in more detail shortly.

There is such a vast range of cricket events taking place across the globe at any one time. From major events like the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Ashes series, international Test Matches, domestic cricket, the list goes on and on. One important aspect to bear in mind, particularly if you’re new to betting on cricket, is to focus on one specific form of the game.

Let’s return to the weather. How does the weather conditions affect a cricket game? It can in all sorts of ways. In general, a dry sunny day usually favours the batting side, whereas overcast conditions tend to work to the advantage of the team bowling. If you’re betting on a four or five day Test Match, bear in mind the weather conditions expected for each day. They can play a huge part in dictating whether a big score is on the cards or whether the bowlers will be on top.

Our cricket betting guide can help you immensely. Discussing in great detail each aspect of successful cricket betting, we recommend you read through our guide before you place your bets.

Here, though, we’ll take a brief overview of some of the key aspects to consider when you’re betting on any cricket event.

  • Only Bet When There Is Value To Be Had

It’s all about the value. This should be a key consideration with any bets you place.

  • Specialise In One Form Of The Game

Different forms of cricket require different tactics. For example, Test cricket is approached completely differently to how a player or captain would approach a One Day International. The same applies to betting. Focus on one particular form of the game, learn how it works and use this knowledge to pick the right bets.

  • Sign Up To More Than One Bookmaker

By doing so, you allow yourself the opportunity to bet on the best possible odds. Compare the prices offered by your bookmakers to enhance your potential profit.

  • Record Every Bet

We cannot stress the importance of detailing each bet you place enough. Recording each bet placed, odds taken and stake placed should be the minimum of what you detail. Doing this enables you to learn from your betting mistakes and helps you stay in control of your bankroll.

  • Understand The Rules

Sounds like an obvious point to make, but maintaining a deep knowledge of the form of the game you’re betting on can only help. For example, if you’re betting on which set of overs will see the most runs in a One Day game, understand when Power Plays are taking place, how many runs are required and so on.

  • Study Form

How well are a particular team performing? Does a side possess a batsman who has scored ten centuries in his last 15 innings? Or has a batter struggled for runs of late? Also important is to realise the importance of the game location. Are England playing Sri Lanka on the subcontinent? Spin can play a huge part in games on subcontinent surfaces, have England got at least two spinners to take advantage of the conditions?

Read our detailed cricket betting guide at the Academy.

Bookmakers For Cricket Betting

Most online bookmakers offer a range of cricket odds and markets. It’s important to find a bookmaker that can offer you the markets that suit your betting style. The key points for choosing a bookmaker are as follows.

  • Odds
  • Markets
  • Tournaments

Let’s start with odds. Harking back to our previous point about signing up to more than one bookmaker, doing so allows you to compare the odds on your chosen market. This way, you get first hand knowledge of which bookmakers consistently offer the most competitive odds.

Onto markets. Now, if you’re only interested in the Match Result market, you’re able to find this at the majority of bookmakers. However, if you want to find extra value, other markets might be more suitable. Markets such as Total Runs Over/Under, Top Batsman and Top Bowler are readily available at many operators.

The same applies to in-play betting, too. Find an operator who offers an extensive live betting service that can enhance your betting experience, providing you with more options.

If you’re looking for the best bookmakers, head to our bookmaker review guide here. You’ll find unbiased and objective reports to allow you to make an educated decision.

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